Reprioritizing as a parent

Securing your children's financial future

At CLB Group, we offer protection planning, savings solutions, and mortgages to ensure a secure financial future for your children. Raising a child can have a significant emotional and financial impact, with the cost of raising a child until the age of 21 estimated to exceed $310,000 by the Washington Post.

By carefully planning for your children's future, you can ensure they have everything they need. As a parent, your priorities will shift, and we're here to ensure that your financial plan is suitable for your family's needs and can support them well into the future.

Protecting your family's future

Life is unpredictable, and we can assist you in planning for any unforeseen events that may impact you or your spouse. For example, it can be challenging for everyone when a family member becomes ill or passes away unexpectedly.

Our team offers a range of family protection services, including life insurance, medical insurance, income protection, critical illness cover, power of attorney, and trusts, with regular reviews to adjust to any changes in your situation or objectives. Insurance policies can provide peace of mind that your family is protected against unforeseen circumstances, providing financial stability during traumatic times so that you can focus on what's important.

Investing in your children's future

At CLB Group, we understand that saving for your children's future can be a top priority for parents and grandparents. That's why we offer a range of savings and investment options to help you achieve your goals, whether saving for school or university fees, contributing to your grandchild's first home deposit, or building a nest egg for their future. Our experts can provide guidance on the best investment vehicles and financial strategies to suit your needs and help you grow your savings over time.

Developing a realistic budget

Creating a budget is essential for managing expenses, particularly if you're planning to start a family. At CLB Group, we can help you manage your income and expenses and prepare for potential income decreases following maternity or paternity leave. Our team can examine your employer's benefits and possible government assistance to help you plan accordingly and develop a realistic budget that meets your family's needs.

Planning for your children's rducation

With school and university expenses increasing annually, planning ahead for your children's education is crucial. Our team at CLB Group can help you explore the best options to save and invest for your children's future educational expenses. We can advise on various savings and investment options to ensure that your children's education is well-funded and that you're not burdened with excessive debt.