Cookie notice

This Cookie Notice, provided by CLB Group, pertains to users of CLB Group website and highlights the importance of your privacy. It informs you of what information CLB Group ("we," "our," or "us") collects through our web pages and how we use it. Our goal is to protect your personal data transparently and openly by telling you the reasons for collection and how we secure it. Here are some key details regarding this cookie notice:

  1. What information does this notice apply to?

    This notice pertains to any information obtained by us through your use of our website and tracking technologies. The terms of this notice are subject to any additional terms or disclaimers you have agreed to with us, such as client privacy statements or notices, as well as any relevant laws and regulations.

  2. What type of information do we collect?

    We collect information through our website, such as personal details, user login and subscription data, and other information you provide through forms or communication. We also collect data our server automatically records, cookies, pixels, unique identifiers, and other technologies. Additionally, we may collect information from third-party service providers.

  3. Purposes of processing

    We process your personal data only for specific purposes, such as website administration, relationship management, product implementation, and execution. We may also engage in prospecting and business development, compliance and risk management, and crime prevention.

  4. How do we collect and store your information?

    We use tracking technologies to gather information and improve the usability of our website. When you save your privacy settings, they should apply to future visits to our website.

  5. How do we protect personal data?

    We have implemented security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and processing. We also limit all access to personal information to employees, agents, and parties who need the information to perform their duties.

  6. Who do we share your information with?

    We may disclose your information to our affiliates and their agents, third-party service providers, or governmental agencies in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, court orders, or official requests.

  7. What to consider when sending information over open networks?

    When you transfer your information to us through an open network like the internet, it is not considered a secure environment. Therefore, we accept no responsibility or liability for the security of your information sent to us over the internet.

  8. How do we manage information from people under the age of 18?

    We do not ask to collect personal data from individuals under 18 years of age, and any such information we are made aware of will be swiftly deleted.

  9. Information on the different types of cookies:
    Session cookies are temporary cookies stored in your browser's memory and deleted when you close your browser. Session cookies help with website features, such as keeping you logged in as you browse between pages.
    Persistent cookies are stored on your device for longer and are used to remember your settings for future visits. For example, a persistent cookie might remember your login information, so you don't have to reinput it each time you revisit a website.
    First-party cookies are set by the website you're viewing and are usually used to enable website functionality and remember your preferences.
    Third-party cookies are stored by a domain other than the website you're visiting and are often used for advertising and tracking purposes. For example, they can collect data about your browsing behavior across several websites.
    Flash cookies are similar to browser cookies but are stored in adobe flash player. Flash cookies can store data that is difficult to remove and can be used to track your browsing behavior.

    Overall, cookies can be a valuable tool for improving your browsing experience and remembering your preferences. Still, you should be aware of the types of cookies used and take steps to protect your privacy if necessary. For example, most web browsers allow you to block or delete cookies, and browser extensions and other tools can help you manage cookies and protect your privacy online.

  10. Who can you contact about this notice?

    You can contact us by email if you have any concerns regarding processing your personal data.

  11. Changes to this notice

    This Notice was last updated in July 2022. Any changes or updates to this notice will be available to you here.