Supporting your retirement lifestyle

Investing for retirement

Planning for retirement is an essential aspect of securing your financial future. At CLB Group, our team of experts can offer valuable financial advice on retirement investments to help you achieve your personal and financial security goals. We can assist you in exploring various investment options, including individual retirement accounts, mutual funds, annuities, and other investment vehicles. With our guidance, you can create a diversified investment portfolio that can provide long-term financial stability and help you achieve your retirement objectives.

Investing in retirement

Investing can be a viable option to continue growing your wealth and income even after retirement. However, it's crucial to understand the potential risks and the amount of money needed to sustain your desired standard of living. Seeking the advice of a retirement investment professional can be beneficial in helping you manage your investment portfolio effectively during retirement. With our team at CLB Group, we can assist you in developing a customized investment plan that aligns with your goals and helps you maintain financial stability throughout your retirement years.

Planning a comfortable retirement

Retirement should be a time for relaxation and enjoyment without worrying about your finances or cutting down on daily expenses. At CLB Group, our goal is to help you optimize your savings, ensure a comfortable and happy retirement, and to make your funds last as you live longer. Whether you want to generate income from your investments or plan for your family's future, our professional advisers can help you secure your financial well-being. If you're seeking expert guidance on your retirement investment, we're here to assist you with customized investment strategies that align with your goals and ensure a stress-free retirement.

Maximizing your retirement savings

At CLB Group, we offer a range of services to help you maximize your savings, including individualized investment advice, high and low-risk investment options, and a team of experienced financial planners and retirement investment advisers. We can also assist you in passing wealth onto the next generation and achieving your financial goals through post-retirement investing.

We understand that everyone's retirement goals and expectations are unique, which is why we learn about your goals and concerns by asking essential questions about your expected income and lifestyle during your retirement years. It's necessary to assess your financial situation regularly during retirement, and our team is always available to review your investments and savings should your objectives or financial situation change.

Many people worry about the lack of regular income after retirement, but our investment planners can help you create a tax-efficient plan for withdrawing money. With various investment options available, including bespoke discretionary fund management, we can customize investments to meet your specific needs and provide you with a steady stream of income to support your retirement lifestyle.

Tax-efficient retirement solutions

Giving a portion of retirement funds to family members or charities is a common practice among retirees. At CLB Group, we can evaluate your financial situation to determine the amount you would like to gift and the best way to minimize your inheritance tax liability.

Minimizing inheritance tax goes beyond a one-time event, as poor handling of inheritance tax may adversely affect your family's assets and investments. Our team can provide you with solutions to help reduce the impact of inheritance tax on your family, including creating a comprehensive financial plan.

Several options are available, such as purchasing an insurance policy, gifting funds, or creating a trust. However, if you require an immediate solution, a structured investment strategy may be more suitable since it allows you to take advantage of available tax relief right away.

Our experienced advisers are familiar with both straightforward and complicated arrangements and can manage both to ensure matters are handled tax-efficiently. Additionally, updating your will to reflect your current wishes is critical in achieving a successful outcome. Finally, we work closely with your tax advisers and lawyers to ensure that your assets are structured in the most tax-efficient manner possible and that your family is protected.